Chromebook SHIM Request


    As a step to improve self-repair service more we are now able to release the SHIM to all repair certified customers.  This will allow you to replace motherboards and change serial numbers on your CTL products. As with any repair, care must be taken by following the SHIM instructions to prevent any damage to new mainboards.  The SHIM also allows you to troubleshoot and verify what part is failing in the system.

    For the SHIM to function properly all the parts in the device will need to be from the original approved vendor list.  One of the ways to assure this is to have a dedicated SHIM Chromebook that is only used to program new mainboards. A SHIM will fail with 3rd party panels, batteries, wifi cards and possibly other parts.  

    If you would like to request the SHIM please submit a request with this form: LINK

    SHIMS Available:

    CTL NL6

    CTL NL61 / NL61T

    CTL J2/J4/J4+

    CTL J5 - special request as it requires 2.4 and 5Ghz open networks to be created for the SHIM process. These networks are very specific and will not be usable for anything but the SHIM.

    Coming Soon:

    CTL J41

    CTL NL7 / NL7T / NL7TW

    CTL CBx1 Chromebox

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