USB C Charging Information


    A good read from MakeUseOf on USB C Charging:

    The Best USB-C Chargers: What’s Safe and What’s Dangerous? - LINK

    For the CTL Chromebooks, they can charge with a max voltage of 15V and 3 amps.  Any replacement adapters look for a 15V / 3A  (preferred) or 15V 2A. as well as a 5V / 3A option.  

    Google requires chargers that meet the PD3.0 protocol.  Others may or may not work.

    For example with the NL7/T/TW

    The EC controller feedback 15V as preference output to PD on the power adaptor.

    When the NL7 is first plugged in - 

    1. 5V output – Initial communicated preference configuration - the handshake

    2. 15V output - Chromebook and adapter negotiate fix output at 15v for maximum charging speed.




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