Android Apps on CTL Chromebooks


    The CTL NL61, NL61T, J5, J2, J4, J4+ and the X-Panel variations will all support Android Apps. Google hasn't released the exact date but it is expected in Q1 of 2017.

    This is the complete list of Chromebooks from Google:

    CTL Chromebook J2 / J4

    N6 Education Chromebook

    J5 Convertible Chromebook


    How to Side Load an App (APK) on a Chromebook - Link

    Popular location to get APKs **use at your own risk**

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      Hi, please, let us know when the apps are available

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      Steven Futterman

      Is this still going to happen, and if so when? Q1 is ancient history!

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      Jeremy Burnett

      Unfortunately, Google hasn't provided additional timeline guidance. The CTL NL61 is approved and running android apps but the others are still pending. The list of Chromebooks and their status:

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      Richard Danahy

      Is there a way to request the process to be accelerated? We have two fleets of NL7TW-360 units that need Android Apps as an option.

      Does the process involve both your documentation as well as Google Chromium testing?

      Has your end been completed, and if not, what is the time frame for that.

      If it is Google’s pace of action - as a Google Educator Admin where can i make a request for that to accelerate?

      So many questions - but the increased functionality in a school setting is becoming more and more important to us to stay with the CTL brand.


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      Jeremy Burnett

      All current CTL Chromebooks are approved and can run Android Apps including the NL7TW-360.

      Use Android apps on Chrome devices