Chromebook Wifi Troubleshooting

    1. Google validates the design with all major network providers
    2. Always update to the latest Chrome OS version as Google provides improvements to speed, battery life, and connection services.  

    Steps to Take:

    1. Check a Chromebook log to see the error - Link on how to do this.  
    2. Contact the group responsible for networking services to help with configuration changes and provide the log details.  
    3. Contact Google Support in the admin panel - The log files will help them analyze the possible issues.  
    4. Run the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics App on the Chromebook - Link

    Questions to ask:

    1. Are the devices on the current OS version?
    2. Is it all devices having the issue?
    3. Are all building / schools exhibiting the issue?
    4. Do they connect to a hotspot reliability?
    5. Do they connect to an open network reliably?
    6. Has the Chromebook been rebooted?
    7. Has the password been verified? (Log and Diagnostics App will show any issue)
    8. Is Wifi is turned on?
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