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    Having trouble getting your Google Drive offer?  Try these steps below.

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    Q: Where do I go to redeem my Google Drive offer for Chromebooks?
    Q: I get a message stating that my device is not eligible when I try to redeem my Google Drive offer. 
    If you went through the process here and are unable to redeem the Drive offer, be sure to click the "Why isn't my device eligible?" link to begin troubleshooting.
    Q: Which Chrome OS devices are eligible for this promotion and other Chrome OS Goodies?
    You can access a complete list of eligible Chrome OS devices here.
    Note: The Cr-48, Acer AC700, and Samsung Chromebook Series 5 are not eligible for this offer.
    Q: I purchased 2 Chromebooks so do I get 200 GB of free storage?
    No. You can redeem the offer once per machine or once per Google account, whichever comes first.
    Q: If I purchase a Chromebook Pixel and another eligible Chromebook, can I "stack" my Drive promotions?
    Yes... to a degree. What this means is you can have 1 TB + 100 GB of Chromebook storage from a Google Drive offer. 
    Q: But this seems directly in conflict with the point above. What gives?
    These are two separate offers. One is for 1 TB, one is for 100 GB. 
    Q: For how long is the 100 GB of free storage valid?
    Two years, starting on the day you redeem the offer. 
    Q: How long is the 1 TB of free storage valid?
    Three years, starting on the day you redeem the offer. 
    Q: After my (two or three) years has passed, what happens to my data on Google Drive?
    All of your files will remain in Drive and you can access them whenever you want. You won’t be able to add additional files unless you buy more storage at
    Q: I am using an eligible Chrome OS device but am not able to redeem the offer. Should I return my device? 
    No. Please check to make sure you are on version 23 or higher (to do this enter chrome://version in the address box OR go to the Chrome Menu > Settings > Help). If you are not on 23 or higher, please check for an update. You do not need to move to the Beta or Dev channels to receive this promotion. Please simply wait for the latest Stable update to redeem the offer. 
    Q: Is the offer transferable to other Google accounts?
    Sorry, but no.  Once it has been redeemed, it is bound to that Google account until it expires like normal.
    Q: Does the Google Drive offer apply to open-box, refurbished, used, pre-owned or pre-loved machines?
    No. The Google Drive storage offer does not apply to used, refurbished, open-box, pre-owned or pre-loved machines. These devices are sold "as-is" by whomever you are purchasing them from.
    Q: Where can I learn more about this offer? 
    Check out our help center article. Still have questions? Ask them below. 
    Q: Where can I go to redeem the offer?
    Q: I'm still having trouble trying to redeem this offer? What can I do?
    Contact a Chrome OS Ninja: for additional help.
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