Chromebook Keys and Shortcuts


    Keys & Shortcuts

    Chromebooks also has a different keyboard to what you may have seen on other laptops.

    For starters, there is noCaps Lockkey. This has been replaced with a dedicated Search key which will launch the App Menu. The App Menu is a place where all your Web Apps are located, you can perform searches here; and soon it will be used to search Google Contacts. If you would rather have the Caps Lock key back, you can either use Alt + Search key which will act as the Caps Lock key
    Many of your simplest functions are:
    Ctrl + C –Copy
    Ctrl + X-Cut
    Ctrl + V-Paste
    Ctrl + P-Print

    Chromebook Top Row Keys

    The Home, End, Page Up, Page Down and Delete keys are also missing, again there is a keyboard command to regain this function.

    Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key –Home
    Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key –End

    Alt + Up Arrow key –Page Up
    Alt + Down Arrow key –Page Down

    Alt + Backspace –Delete the next letter(forward delete)
    Ctrl + Backspace –Delete the previous word

    Finally, the Chromebook keyboard has replaced the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) with browser buttons. Some of these browser buttons have secondary commands;

    F4 + Shift –Full Screens the active window
    Esc + Shift –Open Task Manager

    Alt + F6 –Keyboard Brightness down
    Alt + F7-Keyboard Brightness up

    Ctrl + F4 –Mirror Monitor
    Ctrl + F5 –Take Screenshot

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