Unifi Access Points and Connectivity Issues


    Troubleshooting tips provided by Unifiy:

    Please try the following steps or make some changes in controller which might help resolve the issue:

    • Change the Channels manually to 1/6/11 and Tx Power to 'Medium' or "Low". You can change it in the UniFi controller under UniFi AP->Configuration->Radios.
    • Please disable the "Uplink Connectivity Monitor" option from the controller. To disable the "Uplink Connectivity Monitor" go to Setting->System->Uncheck the "Uplink Connectivity Monitor"
    • Change the security settings such as WPA mode as 'both' and Encryption as 'AES/CCMP only' in the controller settings. You can make these changes in the controller under: Controller Settings--> Wireless Networks--> SSID (you've created)--> Edit--> Advanced--> WPA.
    • Another thing to check would be the surface on which the AP is installed. If the AP is on a metal surface this can create high latency and packet loss for the clients. So, if possible please try to change the location of the APs and check.

    If the above doesn't work, install the controller version 3.2.5 (or later) and see if the issue will resolve. You can download and install the latest controller version from here:


    You need to signup for beta. For instructions on completing the Beta signup please see our KnowledgeBase article here.

    Note: Please make sure you take backup of your original configuration file of the current controller. To access it, go to the Settings, and under Admin, you should see an option to Backup. Shutdown the original controller and restore the backup file onto the new controller. Your access points will be seamlessly managed by the new controller.

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      Jeremy Burnett

      Any new updates on the connectivity issues with UniFi APs and CTL chromebooks? We are experiencing these issues and our controller is updated to the latest version, 4.6.6 and the APs are on the latest firmware

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      Jeremy Burnett

      How about the 5g channels? Do I need to set those 1/6/11? I wouldn't think so but I am showing some red. Any suggestions on channel choices besides auto?