Deprovision a Chrome Device


    When a device is returned to CTL you must deprovision the device to allow for repairs to happen.  It is very likely, to service you as fast as possible, that a replacment device will be sent back to you that has a different serial number.

    Here are the steps to deprovions the device from Google:

    Deprovision Chrome devices


    To manage Chrome devices, admins first need to enroll the devices to their domain. Once enrolled, admins can view their devices in the Google Admin console and deprovision devices that are no longer in use, including Chrome devices that are returned or obsolete. Remember when using the Forced re-enrollment policy to deprovision devices that are no longer managed by your domain.

    Chrome devices that have been enrolled display a status of Provisioned within the device list. The last sync time indicates the most recent time it has synced the device policies you set in the Admin console.

    Deprovision Chrome devices

    To remove devices that are no longer active and to clean up your Admin console, you can deprovision Chrome devices. Deprovisioning removes the following from the selected devices:

    • Device policies
    • Device-level printers
    • Access to Kiosk Mode (including Public Sessions)
    • Ability for the device to be enrolled in the domain

    Do the following to deprovision the devices:

    1. Sign in to the Admin console at
    2. Go to Chrome devices > Devices.
    3. In the device list, select the provisioned or pending device(s).
    4. Click More Actions and choose Deprovision.
    5. Choose "Same Model Replacement"
    6. In the warning message that appears, click Deprovision to complete the process.


    • To view the list of deprovisioned devices, select Deprovisioned as the view option at the top left of the device list.
    • The deprovisioning process does not affect the licenses used for Chrome device management. Once a license has been used, the license can’t be revoked and used by a different Chrome device.
    • To provision the device again in the future, admins must follow the steps in the re-enrollment section.
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