Battery Care and Storage - Recommendations


    Lithium Ion batteries are a great technology for laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and many other tech gadgets. But there are storage situations that must be considered to ensure a long life.

    This applies to any of technology device with Lithium Ion Batteries:

    1. If possible keep the devices on a trickle charge when not in use. Charge carts are an ideal storage device for Chromebooks.

    2. Place the Chromebook battery in cut-off mode for NL6, NL61, J2, J4, NL7, NL7T, NL7TW, J41 by first pressing F3 (refresh key) then POWER.  While holding REFRESH and POWER unplug AC power jack. To be able to power back on the Chromebook just plug back in the AC power.

    • Charge Level - If a device with a battery is going to be unused for the summer or less than 3 months charge to at least 80%. Temperature can range from -20C to 45C (-4F to 113F)
    • OVER 3 MONTHS - Charge to at least 80% and store in a temperature of 25C +/-3 Celcius. (77F +/- 5F) At three months check the battery level and charge back to 80% as needed.

    3. To turn the Chromebook back on after storage plug in the AC adapter.

    It is possible to completely drain Lithium Ion battery to the point where it will not be able to recharge. There is always a slight drain on a battery when in a device. With extended time and without following the guidelines above a failed battery is possible.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    If you are experiencing any battery problems with your NL6 or J Series Chromebook please contact

    Battery specification and recommendations of the NL6 -Link

    Battery specifications and recommendations of the J Series -Link

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