Chromebook Update Troubleshooting


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    Chrome device version doesn't update

    Chrome devices automatically update to the latest version of Chrome OS available for the specified release channel. The release channels are stable, beta, and dev. We recommend that your organization uses the stable release, whenever possible. Learn more about best practices for managing Chrome device auto-updates.


    • To see if version pinning is implemented for your domain, check the "Restrict Google Chrome version to at most" setting. Version pinning prevents Chrome devices from updating to versions of Chrome OS beyond the version number specified.
    • To allow Chrome devices auto-update to the latest Chrome OS version, set "Restrict Google Chrome version to at most" to No restriction. Google only supports the latest stable and beta releases.
    • If the Chrome OS version specified in the "Restrict Google Chrome version to at most" setting is more than three releases earlier than the current stable version, you might need to recover it.
    • To see if scattering is turned on for your domain, check the “Randomly scatter auto-updates over” setting. Scattering specifies the approximate number of days over which managed Chrome devices in your organization download an update following its release.
    • On a Chrome device, check the Chrome OS version at 'chrome://version'. You can also check the Chrome version or force an update at 'chrome://chrome'.
    • On a Chrome device, use Browserinfo to make sure it can connect to the update server (omahaproxy).
    • For Chromebox for meetings devices, you might not be able to manage version pinning if the device is on the stable release channel. Also, auto-updates might be delayed. See this article for information about settings on Chrome devices for meetings.

    If Chrome devices in your organization aren’t automatically updating to the latest version of Chrome OS available, you can use logs to diagnose auto-update issues.

    • Collect the Chrome device debug logs and check the update_engine directory logs.
    • Look for the request section and find the version it's updating from.
    • Look for targetversionprefix, which defines the version pinning policy.
    • For more detailed information, upload the update_engine logs to Log Analyzer.
    • You might see some logs with error codes. “Update failed” error codes are explained here.
    • In the request section, find the version the Chrome device is updating from. In the example log, it's updating from 2913.212.0.
    • In the request section, find the targetversionprefix attribute, which defines version pinning. In the example log, it's 5116.
    ==== REQUEST =====
    [0206/] Request: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->
    <o:gupdate ismachine="1" protocol="2.0" updaterversion="ChromeOSUpdateEngine-" version="ChromeOSUpdateEngine-" xmlns:o="">
    <o:os platform="Chrome OS" sp="2913.212.0_armv7l" version="Indy"></o:os> <o:app appid="{D851316B-7E57-4805-A7CE-01829AC14}" board="daisy-signed-mp-v2keys" delta_okay="true" hardware_class="SNOW ELBERT A-E 4016" lang="en-US" track="stable-channel" version="2913.212.0">
    <o:updatecheck targetversionprefix="5116.">
    ==== RESPONSE ====
    [0206/] Omaha request response: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->
    <gupdate protocol="2.0" server="prod" xmlns="">
    <daystart elapsed_days="2958" elapsed_seconds="3048">
    <app appid="{D851316B-7E57-4805-A7CE-01829AC14}" status="ok">
    <updatecheck status="noupdate"></updatecheck>


    • In the response section of the example log, status="noupdate".
    • To determine why the update failed, you need to learn more about the versions of Chrome OS that 2913 and 5116 map to. Go to Chrome OS OmahaProxy CSV Viewer to see the latest versions for all devices and channels.
    • In the example log, 2913 refers to R23 and 5116 refers to R33. These versions of Chrome OS are outdated by several releases, so they won’t auto-update. You need to recover the device to the latest stable image of Chrome OS. Instructions might vary by device.
    2013-03-06 19:14:10.478017,2913.331.0,23.0.1271.111,D851316B-7E57-4805-A7CE-01829AC1443E,stable-channel,Samsung Chromebook 2014-04-24 18:00:09.436900,5116.115.5,33.0.1750.152,D851316B-7E57-4805-A7CE-01829AC1443E,stable-channel,Samsung Chromebook
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