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Change the Serial Number on a Chromebook Follow



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    David Ho

    Very useful. However, there are some important things left out. You do need to deprovision a chromebook if the managed policy forbids dev mode. If it doesn't, then you don't need to deprovision it. The other thing left out is once you deprovision it, you will need to reset the chromebook with esc+ref+power. Once the system restarts, you will not see a managed device information. However, do NOT log in with your organization email. The email may autoload your org policy, which will prevent you from dev booting. Log in with your personal gmail account instead. Once you log in, then you can esc+ref+power again, and get into dev mode.

    Finally, depending on your chromebook model, you may not need to unscrew a R W screw. On the HP 11 G series, there is no R W screw. Also, no need for chronos or sudo. At the login prompt of the Unix shell, just type root. All you need to do is run vpd -l, then vpd -s, then vpd -l again to confirm the changes. Once the changes are made, just reboot. Remember, if you're using the device in your org, you need to Ctrl Alt E to Enterprise Enroll again. It will not default to this since it no longer has an enterprise policy.

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    When i try this all i get is that the device owner has disabled developer mode. And i need to remove restriction.
    Is is possible to do that.

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