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    Q: Why won't my notebook turn on when I press the power button?
    A: The power button needs to be held for about 3-5 seconds before the system will power on. This is the same method for shutting down. Windows XP will automatically save your settings before shutting down. This power feature is "Soft On", "Soft Off". In earlier systems it was very easy to accidentally shut off power by tapping the button, this is why the power function has been modified.

    Q: My system seems to be stuck in sleep/hibernate mode, what should I do?
    A: Tap (you do not have to hold) the power button to wake it up. Earlier technology allowed one to move the mouse or strike a key on the keyboard for wake up. Someone would accidentally bump the desk and continually bring it out of sleep - which was very taxing on the system. Screensavers will only respond to the mouse and keyboard now.

    Q: My battery is having charging issues and can't hold a charge; I believe that the battery is bad. What is the warranty for batteries?
    A: Upon receiving and signing your invoice, you realize that CTL provides warranty on the all system parts, except the battery, for one to three years - depending on the warranty selected. Batteries have their own warranty, which are no more than six months from date of purchase. If your battery fails before the six months, CTL will replace it free of charge, under warranty. Defective notebook batteries will be replaced. Any accidental or intentional misuse or abuse that results in a bad battery will void your battery warranty. This is at CTL's discretion.

    Q: My notebook is running fine, however, I do notice on the back of the LCD Screen casing, there are some cracks by the hinges - is my system covered for that?
    A: In some older notebooks, before the hinging mechanism was perfected, stress cracks would appear due to too much tightness. In newer systems this has been fixed. If you notice your casing forming cracks by the LCD Hinges - CTL can replace the casing for you at no cost, provided the system is under warranty and there is no accidental or intentional misuse or abuse to the system (i.e. thrown, dropped or spilled liquids). Even if the system is out of warranty, CTL can repair it at a fee to the purchaser.

    Q: I would like to have the option to travel the world with my CTL Notebook. What do I need to consider before making the system travel-ready?
    A: You don't need a voltage converter. Your CTL Notebook was structured with full mobility in mind. If you are traveling to Europe or any other location that has a different voltage standard, your ac adapter will provide the correct voltage change for your notebook, however, outlets are keyed differently in many circumstances - this is why the power cord is detachable from the ac adapter. If you need a power cord that follows overseas standards, CTL will provide you with the option to purchase one.

    Q: I have spoke with tech support and have received an RMA for repair of my notebook. What should I do to ensure the RMA is handled properly?
    A: Ensure that your notebook is packaged in soft foam or another material that will not damage it. If you must use packing peanuts, the best approach is to place the notebook in its case, zip it up, then place the notebook w/case inside the packing peanuts. Your notebook is a precious investment and it is not CTL's responsibility if it is damaged during transit. Most important of all, ensure that the package is labeled properly with the return address information either on the box or enclosed inside. Write the RMA # on all sides of the box for quick identification.

    Q: Am I able to hook up an external CRT or LCD Monitor to my notebook?
    A: All current CTL model notebooks come with a blue DB14 pin monitor VGA port or a DVI port.This port is usually on the back or side of the system. Current models will allow you to view the desktop from the notebook and the external monitor at the same time.

    Q: Where is my Windows Operating System CD? I was supposed to receive one.
    A: All CTL Notebooks receive a RESTORE CD. By consolidating the operating system and drivers on one Restore CD, this provides a quick and easy way to set your system back to new, without having to install the operating system and drivers separate. The Restore CD issued to you for your notebook will only work for that notebook. If this CD was stolen, it would be useless to the thief! YOU MUST BACKUP ALL DATA BEFORE USING THE RESTORE CD. To restore, place the CD in the CD drive, close the drive, reboot (turn off, then on) the computer, and follow the instructions.

    Q: I just received my notebook. It came preinstalled with Windows. Now it is asking me to activate it. When I try to activate it over the web, it tells me that the code entered is invalid. Calling Microsoft also gives me the same result. I am using the 25 digit product key on the bottom of my notebook. What should I do to activate my copy of Windows?
    A: The majority of our CTL notebooks do not require any activation from you, the client, whatsoever. We handle that part for you. You will only need to activate on some of our special models or in extreme circumstances. If you are having issues with activation, chances are, the system did complete its factory preparation. You are encouraged to bring it into CTL for an Engineer follow up. If you know that you DID need to activate, then you can activate in two ways; through the web or over the phone. You would click start, then all programs, then activate windows (on some systems - accessories, then activate windows) Going from there, over the web is done in a few clicks, and is self-explanatory- just follow the directions. If you choose over the phone, you are issued a 35 to 40 digit hardware ID code to relay to a Microsoft Rep. Call up, that's all there is to it.

    Q: I just used my Restore CD on my notebook. Everything is running fine but I don't have any Microsoft Office programs like Word or Excel. I know I had those installed before I ran the restore CD and I know they came preinstalled when I bought the notebook.
    A: Any CTL Notebooks that come preinstalled with Office also include the CD for Office along with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is very important to keep this CD paired up with the Restore CD, as a restore is usually followed. If you believe that you lost your Office CD, CTL will provide you with the option to purchase another. You will also have to activate your copy of Office just like Windows.
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