Monitor doesn't show any picture after plugging source in


    Monitor doesn't show any picture after plugging source in

    This issue is most common formonitor models: LP2001, LP2151, LP2300, LP2361, LP2701

    Control Panel buttons "1" "Down Arrow" "Up Arrow" "2" "Power Button" -| 1 ^ v 2 |- LED -P-

    Issue: Monitor light turns blue then orange after plugging in both power and source via(VGA, DVI-I or HDMI) only then to recieve no signal.


    One solution to fix this, if this happens to you fresh out of the box, is to navigate the monitors menu to see if 'auto detect' is turned on. This feature is normally enabled by default and you can check by taking these steps.

    1. Press and hold the button labled "2" the light will turn blue and on screen should be a small menu with 4 options on it
    2. Once the menu is visable use the arrow buttons to highlight the option 'Auto'
    3. Unplug your source and wait 5 seconds before plugging it back in
    4. When the monitor is set to auto detect sources it will take a few more seconds than normal.

    Additional Information:

    If you are still not getting any picture, test your source output (i.e. computer or media player) by plugging them into other displays. If the monitor still isnt displaying any picture with a working source and is set to auto detect, then please contact customer service for more information.

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