2go PC FAQ


    2go PC FAQ

    Where can I get a 2go™ PC?

    • The 2go™ PC is available through patners listed at www.2gopc.com in the where to buy section and on www.ctlcorp.com.

    What is the warranty of the 2go™ PC?

    • The 2go™ PC will include a one year, parts and labor warranty. Contact warranty@2gopc.com for more information.

    What operating systems are available for 2go™ PC?

    • The 2go™ PC will be available with Microsoft Windows XP, and Linux direct from amazon.com, and other options will be available through regional integrators for Education.

    What does the 2go™ PC cost?

    • CTL is the manufacturer, and does not set pricing. We are working with suppliers to ensure affordability.

    How can I find out about how to get this for my school district?

    • Contact CTL at inquiries@2gopc.com

    What is this “Security Feature Disabled” Message that I see when the 2goPC boots up?

    • This is a feature that was designed by intel, for future use. In the near future it will be available for use by schools and businesses that have a server. We hope to see it implemented for individual use as well. The basics of how it works are this: When the computer boots into a Windows based OS, the software installed on the OS will ping a security server. If the server reports back to the computer that it is stolen, the computer will lock itself down at the hardware level, and will be unable to be used. The is feature is still in testing, but is built into the hardware so that it may be activated in the future.

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