I can not install the wireless driver for my E10


    Unable to install wireless driver for my E10


    Unable to install the Wireless driver after downloading it from the website.


    The Wireless driver for your E10 will need to be manually installed.

    • You will first need to go into the Device Manager.Right click on your My Computer and select manage from the drop down menu. Once you are in the Computer Management window select Device Manger from the left hand column. You will then see a list of devices on the right hand side.
    • Under network adapter you will right click on your wireless device and select update driver from the drop down window.
    • It will then prompt you to do an automatic update. Choose "No,not this time" hit next
    • When it asks you "what do you want the wizard to do?" select "install from specific location." hit next
    • On the Next window select "Do not search, I will choose the driver to install". hit next
    • You will then need to select "Have disk" and browse to the folder you extracted the contents of 08_WLAN. ...\91_92_SE_Driver\WinXP is the location with in the folder for the driver. once you select the net8192se.inf hit OK and continue installing.

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