How to attach the lanyard to your NL2


    Your NL2 2GoPCnetbook has the option to attach a lanyard to your stylus to prevent it from being lost.The lanyard willbe in the box that your NL2 came in,youwill also need a paper clip.

    Hereis a quick step by step guide on how to attach the stylus to your 2GoPC.

    Fist you will notice that the lanyard has two looped ends you will first want to attachthe lanyardto the stylus before attaching it to the netbook. You do this but slipping one of the looped ends through the ring on the back of the stylus and then pull the other end through the loop that you just insterted creating a hold on the stylus.

    Now that you have the lanyard attached to the stylus we cannow attach it to the netbook. The easiest way toattach the lanyardtoyour NL2is using a paper clip. There are two holes next to where thestylus is stored. A small circular hole and a slightly larger more oval hole. You will need to feed the lanyard in through the small circle hole by pushing it through with the paper clip. You will notice that the lanyardis beingfed over to the slightly larger oval hole. Once you see the lanyard in the oval hole fish it out by using the paper clip.

    Once you have the looped end of thelanyardpulled out of the holesimply slide the attached pen through the loop and pull the cable so that it is snug to your 2GoPC.

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