How to use the 3G connection with a 2goPC


    How to use the 3G data connection with a 2goPC


    You want to use a 2goPC netbook with the intent of using a 3G internet connection.


    There are a few steps you will need to take to ensure that you are able to use a 3G wireless data connection.

    • You will need to purchase the unit with either the"Huawei EM820U 3G Modem for T-Mobile" or the "Huawei EM820W 3g modem card for AT&T" to have the 3G capability.
    • You will then need to contact T-Mobile or AT&T respectively to contract a 3G data plan and then install the provided SIM card into the slot on the unit.

    Additional Information:


    While it may be possible that other carriers might work with these modems we have not validated the testing with those carriers, and thus will be unable to provide service regarding those connections. Also to be noted is that while you may be able to acquire a 3G modem for use with AT&T or T-Mobile for your netbook that we cannot provide support for products that we have not explicitly tested for compatibility.

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