Mouse Cursor Stuck in Lower Left Corner on NL2


    Mouse Cursor Stuck in Lower Left Corner on NL2


    Mouse cursor gets stuck in lower left corner of screen and will not allow user to move mouse, or perform any mouse related functions using the touchpad or the touch screen


    Ensure Touch Screen is Calibrated Properly

    • Open 9 Points Calibration tool and calibrate the touch screen by touching the stylus to the targets displayed during calibration

    Ensure Multiple Calibration Tools are not Causing Conflict

    • Windows has a calibration tool that can cause conflict with 9 Points Calibration tool if enabled. To check and/or disable Windows Calibration tool (in Windows 7), press the "Start" button.
    • In the search field, type "Calibration", and select "Calibrate the Screen for Pen and Touch Input".
    • In the "Tablet PC Settings" window, click the "Display" tab, and click "Reset" (Note: If the reset button is not available, Windows calibration tool is not enabled)

    Re-Install Touchpad and Touch Screen Drivers

    • Download the touchpad and touch screen drivers for your respective operating system located here:
    • Once downloaded, unzip the files, and run the "Setup" file that is located in each driver file.
    • The driver will begin installing, and may require further input from user to complete the install (Note: All options listed are default, so there is no need to change any of the settings to continue the installation)

    Contact Technical Support

    • If the above troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue, please contact Technical Support for further assistance

        Additional Information:

        Technical Support: 1-800-642-3087

        To Create Help Ticket:

        Keywords: Mouse, stuck, left corner

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