Accessing User Serviceable Components for NL3 Model


    To gain access to user serviceable components such as the hard drive and memory in an NL3, follow these steps:

    1) Power the unit OFF, close the clamshell, and place the unit battery side up on a smooth, flat surface
    2) Remove the battery and a/c adapter
    3) Inside the battery tray, locate two white tabs
    4) Slide the tabs towards the rear of the unit (toward the handle) until you hear a clicking sound indicating the keyboard has released
    5) Rotate the unit right side up andopen the clamshell
    6) Lift the keyboard out of the keyboard tray, and disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from the motherboard (Gently slide the grey tabs away from the beige socket, toward the direction of the cable, and the ribbon cable will release)
    7) Remove the four screws from the aluminum keyboard tray, and remove the tray

    You will now see the Hard Drive, RAM modules, WiFi card, and 3g card (if applicable). Installation is the reverse of removal.

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