Mitac M650 Display Troubleshooting


    Mitac AIO M650 Display - Troubleshooting

    Moments after powering on my AIO There is no picture on the display.

    This can be caused by a few problems, These are the steps to check towards a diagnosis going from

    the easily accessible parts down to pulling the unit completely apart down to the LED Panel.

    1. The motherboard has not been flashed to use the LVDS connection over DVI

    2. The motherboard is flashed but has failed to produce a signal 

    3. The LVDS cable is faulty and needs to be replaced

    4. The Power inverter has failed and needs replacement

    5. The display panel itself has failed (Usually the back light or lines


    Symptoms when booting up your AIO and what part they point to

    Backlight:  When you see the backlight initiate, but don't see any
    picture on screen then that usually points towards either

    Motherboard being flashed
    Motherboard Not flashed and has a faulty LVDS port
    LVDS cable is frayed and can no longer carry a proper signal 

    Backlight pt2: when you see NO initialization from the backlight but you can see a feint image
    of your Bios/Login screen then that points towards

    Power inverter board has failed
    Panel Backlight has failed


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