MRC Recovery Process on Apollo Lake Chromebooks (J41, NL7, NL7T, NL7TW)

    MRC Recovery Process:

    Symptoms could include:

    • Failure to boot

    • Failure to recover

    • Failure to keep a recovery

    • Intermittent power issues


    If an impacted machine fails or requires recover, please follow the steps below.  Only run this process on Chromebooks with the symptoms above.  

    1. Recover using R70. R70 in addition to software updates the Google software and system firmware. R70 Recovery Image BIN File: LINK

    2. Power down the Chromebook

    3. Press and hold the following keys: Left shift + Esc + refresh then press power and release

    4. The screen will go dark for 20 to 30 seconds and the machine will ask to insert a USB recovery

    5. DO NOT insert the recover media again.

    6. Hold the following keys:  refresh + power

    7. Steps 2 - 5 retrain the memory

    8. The system should reboot normally and be running on R70 without any of the previous issues.  


    R70 will update the RW Firmware (version).  The RO can be updated also but requires additional steps to disable the write-protect. You can verify the firmware by:

    1. Typing chrome://system in the chrome address bar

    2. Scroll down to bios_info

    3. Expand to see version info



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