How to place a Request For Quote / E-Quote on the


    Request For Quote / E-Quote

    To place a 'Request For Quote' or an 'E-Quote' complete the following steps:
    1. Place the items that you want a quote on into your shopping cart. For custom configured PCs or Laptops, select the configuration options that you want and place the item into your shopping cart.
    2. From the shopping cart page, click on the 'COPY TO QUOTATION' button as the bottom of the shopping cart.
    3. Enter any comments and your contact information
    4. Click on the 'Submit Quote Request'

    This will generate an email to you with your Request for Quote pricing information. It will also show up in 'My Account' in 'My Quotes' section. You can view the quote by clicking on the order/quote number. If you decide that you would like to place an order for the item that you received the quote for, simply click 'Move to Shopping Cart' and it will place the item(s) in you shopping cart for you to complete your order.

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