Cannot Change Date and Time on NL2 Tablet.


    The 2go PC Convertible ships pre-installed with Parents Carefree parental control software.

    Parents Carefree allows you to lock down the computer to control when a child can or cannot use the 2go PC.

    This software also prevents you from changing the Time and Date on the 2go PC.

    Accessing Parents Carefree Settings:

    · In the bottom right of your computer’s screen should be a Parents Carefree logo, the green “P”.

    · If you do not see the logo, it may be hidden by Windows.

    · To access “Hidden Icons”, you must click the white up arrow on the task bar at the bottom right of the screen.

    · Click on the Parents Carefree icon, this will open a small menu window.

    · Click “Settings” in this menu.

    · A Parents Carefree window will pop up asking you for a password.

    o If you have not created a password yet, leave the field blank and click okay.

    o If you have created a password, enter the password and click okay.

    · A “Settings” window will pop up.

    · In the center of this window will be a field to type in a new password, and a field to verify the password.

    · To create/change your password, type the password you want into both of these fields and click okay.

    · The password you entered here, is the password you will want to use whenever you are prompted for a Parents Carefree password on this computer.

    Changing the Time and Date:

    · Click on the time and date on your computer’s task bar in the bottom right of the screen.

    · On the window that pops up, click “Change Time and Date Settings…”

    · On the new window that pops up, click “Change date and time…”

    · A calendar and clock will appear, select the time and date that you want and click okay.

    · A Parents Carefree window will pop up informing you that the Date and Time are controlled by Parents Carefree

    · In the Parents Carefree window, click the “Settings system date/time” button

    · You will be prompted for a password. Enter the password you have previously setup in the Parents Carefree settings window.

    o If you have not set up a password for Parents Carefree you cannot change the time and date.

    · A new window will appear that allows you to change the time and date.

    o This is where any changes to the time and date must be made.

    · Once you have the correct time and date set, press okay.

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