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    It has been brought to our attention that some of our M650 All in One computers with the Mitac system board installed will not power on or (appear not to power on). It has been found that when the computer is powered off for approximately 2 hours or longer the computer could go into a very deep sleep. While in this deep sleep the system board doesn't see the power on signal from the power button and will fail to power on. We found that the "Sleep SX" feature in the BIOS Setup Utility was enabled. This setting isused in Europe and needs to be disabled on our US based computers. This article has instructions on how to disable this feature. This has only affected the Mitac system board All in Ones. The deep sleep function on the M650's withIntel Apple Glen system boardis disabled by default.

    If your system will not power on at this time we have found that you can get it to power on by:

    First unplug the adaptor plug from the side of the LCD, second hold the power button down while inserting thepower jackback into the connector. This should get your system to power back on. Please follow the instructions below to keep this from happening again.

    This only happens on some on the All in Ones with the Mitac System Boards installed at this time.

    As the computer boots up please tap on the “F2” key to get into the system "Aptio Setup Utility" or BIOS.

    You will see a screen that has the "Aptio Setup Utility" at the top of the screen.


    Please use the right arrow key to highlight or displaythe “Chipset” option in the "Aptio Setup Utility"

    While inthe “Chipset” portion of the "Aptio Setup Utility" please downarrow and select the “South Bridge” option on the screen.


    Hit "Enter" andyou will see the option for the “Deep Sx”.


    Please use the downarrow to highlight this feature and hit the "enter" key again and you will see an option window pop up.


    In this window please use the up arrow to highlight the “Disabled” option and hit the Enter key again.


    This will make the change to this option.

    After youhave made this change you will see in the "Deep SX" feature is disabled.


    After you have made this change to the “Deep SX” you can hit the “Esc” key to get back to the main screen and then use right arrow key to get to the “Save and Exit” tab and select the “Save and Reset” option in that window to save the changes. This will save the changes and restart the computer.

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