USB Root Hub item(s) have yellow exclamation points in Device Man...


    You may encounter this issue when your USB drivers are corrupt. At this point some of the USB ports may deactivate.

    Tofix the issue go to the Device Manager, right-click on each of the Root Hub anduninstall each of those devices.After rebooting the computer, yoursystem will identify the missing drivers for the Root Hubs and automatically install them. You can track the process in the Device Manager. If that didn't work, you candownload the USB 2.0driver which is widely available on the web and install it. During this process all the USB drivers will be reinstalled and refreshed bringing back the USB functionality.

    If after the above steps were taken and you still have inactive USB Root Hub(s) - please contact tech support as there may be a hardware problem with your computer's motherboard.

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      Jeremy Burnett

      Thank you! Mouse working again now.