My monitor doesn't produce sound.



    There are several steps that can be taken to troubleshoot the issue.

    1.Check to see if the audio cable is plugged into the green audio port on the motherboard and the audio port on the back of the monitor, not the port under the control buttons (that is a headphone jack).

    2.Verify that the monitor is not muted. Pressing the extreme left button will unmute it. Also, check the volume control wheel if your model has it at the bottom or use the volume control buttons on to check it.

    3. Verify that the computer is producing audio by checking if sound works through the use of headphones or external speakers.

    4.If no audio is produced through the headphones or external speakers, please contact the manufacturer of your computer.

    5.If you can hear audio from your headphones or external speakers, but not from the monitor after following the above troubleshooting guide, please contact CTL support for further assistance.

    Keywords: Monitor, sound, audio cable, mute.

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